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History of the Brewery

East Anglia is home to some of the best brewers in the whole of Europe.

They practice their art steeped in age-old tradition and surrounded on all sides by endless fields of the world’s best malting barley. These days brewers are keeping abreast of the times and harnessing modern technology to help produce deeply satisfying beers that are taking beer festivals across the country by storm. East Anglia has always been famous for it beers and smaller breweries thoroughly enjoy the challenge of competing against the big players in the region.

One of the leaders in the field is the Wolf Brewery, whose brewers are driven by a passion to make distinctive East Anglia beers known to a wider audience. Its founder, Wolfe Witham, was the driving force behind the hugely popular Reindeer brewpub in Norwich during its heyday in the 1980’s.

The Wolf Brewery opened in 1995 on the old Gaymers Cider site in Attleborough but after 10 years of steady growth the business outgrew the premises.  In 2006, a major investment was made in a new brewplant at a new premises, a couple of miles away in the village of Besthorpe.

More recently, Wolf has installed a state of the art bottling plant so that ale aficionados further afield can enjoy more of the prize winning ales.

As always quality comes first and a genuine quality product, crafted with care and packed with goodness, is something we are very proud to offer. The Wolf brewery is also part of the East Anglian Brewers Co-operative. This organisation is, among other things, taking steps to work with local farmers aiming for ‘full traceability’ so that eventually the beer can be traced right through from the grain to the glass.

Our ingredients are local, our recipes and our methods are local - and we always want to keep it this way. We believe that East Anglia is the home of quality brewing!

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